Fallout 4: Nuka-World Excitement

If you combine rusty roller coasters with 200-year-old soft drinks, plus add on a couple of heavily armed raiders, you get the all exclusive theme park destination of a lifetime.

With most of us fully played through all of the available DLC for Fallout 4, we are on the edges of our sofas for the latest DLC to make its way into our hearts. Nuka-World is set to arrive on consoles August 30, 2016. With just a little over a day away, gamers can hardly hold in their excitement – or their Nuka-Cola for that matter. With just the minute amount information given to us by the gameplay trailers, I can tell we are in for a world of FUN.

There are heaps of wonders and mystery in Nuka-World, waiting to be explored by curious adventurers and vault dwellers alike. New – and old – wasteland creatures and variants or current creatures are being added to the game; such as Brahmin bulls, worms that look like they came straight from Tremors, giant ants (which I have personally been looking forward to their return), new death variants, and much more.


Each DLC has added an extra boost to our settlement building and characters available. Automatron gave us the ability to create own robot companions, not that Codsworth wasn’t good in his own right – he is just a lot better when packed down with missile launchers on his back and gatling lasers for hands. Far Harbor gave us new sea and swamp creatures to battle against, as well as the ability to join – and actually interact with – the Children of Atom. Vault-Tec allowed us to finally build our own vaults the way we wanted them to look like. Nuka-World is primed to top all of these DLCs combined. It brings to us what we have been waiting for since November, the karma system. That’s right, Bethesda Community Lead Matt Grandstaff stated they were incorporated into the last DLC.

Fans will also be thrilled to hear that they can finally join the Raiders. With the introduction of the Raider faction, you can take over settlements in the Commonwealth with the assistance of your new murdering friends. As you take over previous settlements your Raiders will proudly display their baneful flags, proving a new leader is in town. Now players will be able to murder and pillage settlements until their malevolent heart – or what is left of it – obtaining the coveted maximum bad karma.


We all know how fun the Pipboy mini-games have been since the release of Fallout 4 but Nuka-World introduces all of your favorite arcade games and rides from your seditious childhood. You will be able to play Skeeball, hoop shoot, and whack-a-something (Mole? Nuka-Cola? I’m not really sure what it is now), as well as ride the Giddyup Buttercup Carousel and shooting gallery rides. So, get ready to throw some radiated balls through rusty holes at Nuka-World, the place where everyone is a winner. And, if you’re not a winner at least you will get to enjoy a refreshing aged Nuka-Cola with your best friend Bottle and Cappy.


With new factions, the karma system reinstated, new wasteland creatures to kill, Nuka-Cola to guzzle, and an empire to build, you should have plenty of things to explore and create on Fallout 4.


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